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Be Part of History.


Chinchero, Cuzco



About Us

South Andes Travel was founded with the mission to be a connection between our costumers and Peru, giving them the best local options with a personalized experience.

Our vision is to be a referent travel agency with a strong commitment to promote culture and natural resources with responsibility, supporting local businesses and empowering environmental sustainability projects.


Sustainable Experience

We offer workshops and let you be part of them. From demonstrations of how textiles are made to traditional pottery. All of this while doing it yourself, with the help of the local hosts.


Partner Project

We offer to get you from A to B in day stages, staying in local communities along the way.  Our group sizes are ideally between 8 and 14 members. We contribute to the towns we go economically and promote "No-Plastic-Use" products as much as possible. Cleaning trails of plastic as we go. We try to be raise awareness among the traveler and the local communities.